Family Bible Study – Week 5 Recap Notes

Family Bible Study – Week 5 Recap

July 15, 2021

If you haven’t yet read the introduction, vision, and the previous weeks’ content for this family Bible study, please catch-up at before proceeding.

Watch 4-minute video on this week’s part of the Shema we’re looking at.


Shema 5

SOUL – “Nephesh”

The NAS Hebrew Lexicon defines “nephesh” as:

soul, self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion

-that which breathes, the breathing substance or being, soul, the inner being of a person –living being, seat of the appetites, seat of emotions and passions

It’s the part of us that’s not physical. The part of us that lives forever.

Throat, a breathing creature, your life. 

We ARE a nephesh, we’re a living, breathing, physical being—the whole human.

It means to devote your entire being to God.

Look up & Discuss

  • Proverbs 11:30 – people are repeatedly referred to as souls in the Bible
  • Psalm 16:9-10, Acts 2:41 – more examples
  • Jeremiah 38:16 – Created by God
  • James 1:21 – Can be lost or saved
  • Lev 17:11 – Needs atonement
  • 1 Peter 1:22 – Purified and protected by truth and Holy Spirit
  • 1 Peter 2:25 – Jesus is the Shepherd of our souls
  • Matthew 10:28 – Our soul is eternal
  • Matthew 16:26 – Our soul is priceless
  • Matthew 11:29 – Jesus gives our souls rest!


Spirit-soul-body – Spirit aware of God, Body aware of world

Soul=mind, will, emotions

  • Every human soul matters.
  • Every human soul will live forever, either with God or separated from Him in Hell.
  • We are to be out seeking to save souls and bring them to Jesus.
  • Our kids’ need to know Jesus. It’s our #1 job as parents!


  • Besides your personal daily devotions and prayer
  • Encourage to pray regularly as a family
  • Encourage to have family devos at least once a week (song, scripture, prayer).