Family Bible Study – Week 4 Recap Notes

Family Bible Study – Week 4 Recap

July 8, 2021


  • Dinner
  • Study/Discussion
  • Prayer
  • Fellowship/Dessert

If you haven’t yet read the introduction, vision, and the previous weeks’ content for this family Bible study, please catch-up at before proceeding.

Watch 3-minute video on this week’s part of the Shema we’re looking at.



HEART – “Lev”

What does the Bible say about the heart? A lot–it’s mentioned about 1000 times!

  • The heart is that spiritual part of us where our emotions and desires dwell.
  • It contains our intellect, understanding, wisdom, and discernment. 
  • Feeling emotions-bad and good. 
  • Choices are made. 
  • Affections are centered. 
  • The center of all human existence. 

Look Up & Discuss

  • Acts 13:22 – We have a heart because God does.
  • 1 Sam 2:35, Jer. 3:15 – God blesses His people with leaders who know and follow His heart.
  • Jer. 17:9 – The human heart is naturally evil, treacherous and deceitful.

Because of the fall into sin, our hearts (mind, emotions, and desires) are tainted by sin.

  • Psalm 44:21 – God knows the secrets of our heart, we may not understand them, but God does (1 Cor. 14:25)
  • Jer. 17:10 – God judges righteously

Jesus pointed out the fallen condition of our hearts:

  • Mark 7:21-23 – our biggest problem is internal.

So how are we saved? 

  • Romans 10:10 – We get a heart change by the power of God in response to faith.
  • Ps. 51:10 – God can give us a new heart
  • Ezek. 36:26 – 
  • Is. 57:15 – revives the heart of the contrite
  • Ps. 17:3 – God’s work of creating a new heart involves testing our hearts (Deut. 8:2 also)
  • Neh. 7:5, 1 Kings 10:24, 2 Cor. 8:16 – God fills our hearts with new ideas, new wisdom, and new desires.
  • Prov. 4:23 – Guard our hearts, it’s the core of our being.
  • Jeremiah 31:31-34 – God declares He will write His law on our hearts.
  • Hebrews 8:8-13 – This is fulfilled in New Testament under Jesus. Old is now obsolete.

What’s that law? LOVE—we talked about last week. 

Our kids’ hearts – the Internet/social media can get ahold of them before we even realize it and do lots of damage.

Great need for supervision and filtering. 

Resources:, (see below).


  • Besides your personal daily devotions and prayer
  • Encourage to pray regularly as a family
  • Encourage to have family devos at least once a week (song, scripture, prayer).

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