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St. Patrick’s Story

St. Patrick – The Runaway Slave Who Brought the Gospel to Ireland

St. Patrick risked it all to save the people who had enslaved him.

From the bonds of slavery to a life lived in service to God, St. Patrick’s commitment to the Lord compelled him to return to Ireland to free the very people who had enslaved him with the true Gospel.

Kidnapped at 16 years old, and sold into slavery in Ireland, St. Patrick prayed to God daily for his freedom. God answered his prayer, and miraculously helped him escape Ireland. Once home in Great Britain, he spent time studying the Scriptures and preparing for a life of ministry by becoming a priest and then a bishop. Then, God revealed to him in a dream that he needed to return to Ireland to bring the Gospel to this nation of people who did not know Him. St. Patrick built a legacy of faith: he was willing to risk everything to share the Gospel. Watch as his fellow countrymen and family protested, yet St. Patrick stood firm and was obedient to God. The St. Patrick Story is now available for free in this online event!

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