Calvary Kids Activity

CalvaryKids, of all ages – SHOW US YOUR FRUIT TREE!

We have been talking a lot lately about the importance of our words and our actions and how they both reflect upon Jesus. For those who don’t have a personal relationship, they see Jesus through the words and actions of those who believe and follow Him – that’s YOU and ME!

So, what happens when, from our own mouths, we talk about the wonderful things Jesus has done, and yet we also tell lies or say bad words. If they can’t believe everything a Christian says, then how will they know we are telling the truth about Jesus?

Think about a fruit tree. We know an apple tree is an apple tree because it produces apples. And we know that every season this same tree will produce apples. But what if this season, the apple tree produced olives? Would we still think of it as an apple tree? Would we trust it to produce apples again?

“If you make a tree good, its fruit will be good; and if you make a tree bad, its fruit will be bad; for a tree is known by its fruit.” Matthew 12:33

The same holds true for us. If you speak of Jesus’ love, you must speak love and act lovingly. You will make mistakes, because you’re human. But you can apologize lovingly, and people can trust that you mean well. But if you speak hate or act hatefully and you don’t apologize, people may think poorly of Jesus, thinking he too is hateful.

To help you remember to watch what you say and do, create your own fruit tree! Use whatever you have around your house and then post your creation on social media with #calvaryphxwatchparty and SHOW US YOUR FRUIT TREE!