Calvary Kids Activity

CalvaryKids (of all ages), show us your BUSY BEE!

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only,… James 1:22

In church today, we learned the importance of ‘hearing and doing’. God’s Word is meant to be taught and read, but most importantly it’s meant to be lived out.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35

In this verse, we can see that love is an action. It’s not just something we feel, but it’s something we express. It’s something people can see and take notice of. Think about the ways in which you show your family you love them. Maybe you hug them, smile at them, give them a gift, or maybe you tell them. All of these ways are actions. You are ‘doing’ something. You are ‘doers’ of love!

Even more so, God wants us to be ‘doers of The Word’. He wants us to read, listen, remember and then do! When we learn something from the Bible, we need to think about how we can use what we’ve learned in our everyday lives.

Think about things you’ve read or been taught from the Bible. How can you be a doer of these things? Ask yourself this question whenever you hear God’s Word.

To remind yourself to be ‘doers’ and not just ‘hearers’, we suggest you make your own BUSY BEE! To be ‘busy as a bee’ is to be constantly doing or working. In many species of bees, you will find those who’s job in the colony is to collect pollen. They are always on the move and always working, collecting pollen from plants and flowers and carrying back to the colony for food.

You can draw your bee, cut it out of paper or use something like a paper plate. We love to see your work, so please post a picture on social media with #calvaryphxwatchparty and SHOW US YOUR BUSY BEE!