Orange Online Kids Church July 19

Here’s this weekend’s video teachings from Orange. Download the Parent Cue Activity Guide and watch the video together.

Choose from 3 age groups below:

Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Pre-teen.

Manny has told Poppy there are three purple things in the Wonder Clubhouse, but she can’t find them. She wonders if what he told her was true. Ollie tells us a story about Paul, who let everyone know that Jesus tells the truth all the time—so we can believe Him. Download this week’s activity guide.

Things were not going well for Paul. He was taken on a ship as a prisoner . . . and then the ship sank! But even when others around him were angry, scared, or anxious, Paul trusted in God. Knowing Jesus changes the way you see your problems. Download this week’s activity guide for more.

When Jon is unavailable, Brandon calls in an emergency surprise co-host. Kellen tells us an epic story about the apostle Paul, a shipwreck, and the island of Malta—and how God is in control no matter what. Download this week’s activity guide for more.