Orange Online Kids Church July 5

Here’s this weekend’s video teachings from Orange. Download the Parent Cue Activity Guide and watch the video together.

Choose from 3 age groups below:

Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Pre-teen.

Poppy continues our “I Spy” in the Wonder Clubhouse to play a fun game with foam letters. Justin the mailman tells us a true story about how Jesus loves everyone, even when people who are our friends say hurtful things. Download this week’s activity guide.

This Sunday, we’ll look at how grace is a gift for everyone—no matter what we’ve done. There’s nothing we can do to make God love us more . . . because He already loves us more than we can imagine. Download this week’s activity guide for more.

The So & So Show celebrates Christmas in July, because, well, who doesn’t love a gift? Especially when we’re talking about a gift for everyone! Download this week’s activity guide for more.