Orange Online Kids Church June 28

Here’s this weekend’s video teachings from Orange. Download the Parent Cue Activity Guide and watch the video together.

Choose from 3 age groups below:

Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Pre-teen.

Lucy spies some secret words Poppy left for her. We also hear from Aisha and her cupcake food truck about how we can tell the whole world about Jesus. Download this week’s activity guide.

It’s easy to understand and love the people who are like us, but God’s love is bigger than that. When Peter went to the house of Cornelius, to a group of people who were very different from him, Jesus changed the way he saw them. Download this week’s activity guide for more.

Join the So & So Show Players as they tell the story of Peter’s visit to the house of Cornelius . . . and how that changed the way Peter saw people who were different from him. Download this week’s activity guide for more.