Orange Online Kids Church June 21

Here’s this weekend’s video teachings from Orange. Download the Parent Cue Activity Guide and watch the video together.

Choose from 3 age groups below:

Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Pre-teen.

We get to play in the Wonder Clubhouse today. Can you “spy” the matches along with Poppy in a brand new game? And we spy with our little eyes Paul, and an important story that changed his life. Download this week’s activity guide.

This Sunday, we’ll continue to follow Saul’s journey. When Saul is blinded by his encounter with Jesus, God asks a reluctant man named Ananias to help. Knowing Jesus can help us face our fears. Download this week’s activity guide for more.

On today’s So & So Show, the guys face their fears . . . and they learn about a man named Ananias who faced HIS fears, too. Download this week’s activity guide for more.